Architectural Photography in Seattle

An integral part of my commercial photography work is continuing education and keeping up with industry trends. So Glazer’s Photofest was a perfect opportunity to take in a few presentations / workshops and peruse their fabulous store.

I also brought along my Hasselblad SWC/M Super Wide medium format film camera to shoot some personal work of Seattle architecture.

I’d been wanting to walk around and explore Seattle for quite some time so this was a delightful experience. And I really consider this to be just a first date with the hope of getting to spend more time in the city… When time allows that is.

All these images were shot with Ilford Delta 100 both handheld and on my portable travel tripod.

The Hasselblad SWC has to be one of the more perfect walk around medium format film cameras to shoot architecture. It’s light and compact and has a wonderful wide angle lens.

And in addition it is a joy to hold and shoot. I think in today’s world of computerized cameras, it’s easy to forget how enjoyable it is to use a well crafted tool that just gets out of the way.

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