Patos Island

I feel blessed for every day that I’m able to call the San Juan Islands home, some days, however, feel even more blessed. Such is always the case when I get to visit Patos Island. For the second straight year the “Round the County” race commitee generious ferried me to stunning Patos Island. And the weather, for the most part, was very cooperative.

And let’s not forget, the Patos Island Lighthouse and the volunteers from the “Keepers of the Patos Light“. Try as I might, I’ve never been able to burn myself out from shooting pics of old Lighthouses. And the Patos Island Lighthouse is pretty choice, so here’s one more.

Patos Island is an amazing location and there are no shortage of organizations to thank for that. It’s BLM land and  part of the San Juan Islands National Monument. And the campground is run and maintained by the Washington State Parks, which inlcudes two bouys, a handful of primitive campsites and the nicest pit toilet I’ve had the pleasure of using.

I have also, in a past life, had a small interest, okay addiciton, to sailing. So, with camera gear totally unfit for the job, I grabbed a pic or two as the sailboats were rounding the point.

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