Lopez Island Skate Park, It’s Pretty Cool…Even for an Old Guy

I guess I should start out by admitting that I know pretty much nothing about skating and BMX. Other than it is pretty cool.

In fairness I have always loved flying and pretty much anything that flies. So maybe that’s the attraction.

But I would have likely never gotten the opportunity to appreciate this athletic art if not for the generosity of the folks at Skatelite. Apparently the story is the president is a frequent visitor to Lopez Island and wanted to give something back to the community, a new skate park. And if a huge gift is good a humongous gift must better. So we also got the Skatelite Retreat on August 17th, 2013.

These photos are all from Skatelite Retreat on the Vertical Ramp built by California Ramp Works. I was unable to get close enough during the pro sessions so I shot the stuff going on in between.

Which was fine by me.

But the the real reason I even knew about the Skatelite retreat was because my nephew is a BMXer.

So it was great fun when I finally got to hook up with Owen to shoot some shots for his Facebook page.

All in all, I feel tremendous gratitude for this fabulous gift. Even as an old dude. Okay, maybe middle aged.

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